Our Approach

Our team employs a focused investment strategy built on four foundational pillars:

West Coast-Centric

We focus on investing in life science innovation emerging from premier academic and research institutions on the West Coast of the United States. We source these opportunities through our deep relationships with faculty and researchers at these institutions, as well as the broader West Coast life science community.

Early Stage-Biased

We strive to support breakthrough science from its very first steps, seeking to create companies or provide funding to established entities at their seed, preclinical or early clinical stages. To this end, we look to provide the first institutional capital (seed or Series A) to approximately half of the companies that we fund.

Best-in-Class and/or First-in-Class Therapeutics

We invest in cutting-edge science with the potential to deliver best-in-class and/or first-in-class therapeutics that transform patient lives.  While primarily focused on therapeutics, we will also selectively fund medical device companies advancing transformative technology.

Oncology, Neurology & Immunology

We are inspired by the rapid pace of scientific breakthroughs being made in the areas of cancer, neurology and immunology. Unprecedented progress in these therapeutic areas has resulted in the majority of drug approvals, IPOs and acquisitions in recent years involving companies working in these spaces. Furthermore, our scientific advisory board members are world renowned experts in these three therapeutic areas.

Grounded by these four pillars, Red Tree Venture Capital aims to be the partner-of-choice for pioneering West Coast academics and entrepreneurs looking to create and build world-class life science companies.

We actively partner with scientific thought-leaders to collaboratively identify and advance breakthroughs that transform patient lives. As part of this commitment, we place a high priority on serving as lead or co-lead investor in our deals, as well as sitting on the boards of our portfolio companies.